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One-on-One Coaching

  • 2 hours
  • 100 US dollars
  • Location Flexible

Service Description

Description: Based on the consultation, an individual program will be developed according to four main areas. 1. Lift Analysis: the three subcategories of this analysis are shapes, structure, and force/velocity characteristics. These areas can determine everything from corrective exercises to methodology used. 2. High/Low Responsiveness to Training: what training has had a net positive effect for you in the past? What has been negative? These can be clues if we are aware enough to recognize them as part of larger patterns. Effective training can be as specific as the “right” exercise or it can be as general as the “right” intensity. Knowing why something is working is sometimes even more important than it working at all. 3. Novelty: Often times the most powerful training stimulus we have is novelty. Novel exercises, novel set/rep schemes, novel intensities, etc. If you’ve never done something before, it’s worth exploring to see how sensitive you are to that stimulus. 4. Personality/Preference: while it’s true that we may have to do things in training that we don’t like, it is my opinion that this doesn’t encompass the majority of training nor the aspects of training which will yield the greatest improvement. This is where personality and preference come into training. A preference of strict or loose prescription, RPE/RIR or percentage-based training, etc. can be incorporated to keep you engaged in the training process. This is key to long-term development. Weekly check-ups and adjustments are standard, but if you have questions during the week, you are more than welcome to text, email, or send videos with any concerns you might have.

Contact Details

(304) 479-4062

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