Founded on values, not exercises





Everyone loves an underdog. Everyone loves a good comeback story. But no one cares about an underdog that quits, and no one is inspired by a comeback story the ends in ruin. Your story will be written one page at a time, one word at a time, with each letter scrawled in your sweat and blood.

The only question you need to answer is how much help are you going to need to finish 



First Consultation - FREE!

This 30 minute discussion based on training history, injury history, video analysis, and my personal questionnaire I've developed in my time coaching all types of athletes including champion power lifters and olympic qualifiers.


There is no obligation with the consultation. If nothing else, I can talk to you and see if I can help give you some direction in your training.


This is a way for me to give back to the community. 



I have designed a library of programs of varied lengths and levels of experience to help guide you through your journey. 

If you're a lone wolf type or want to work alone, this is your path.

The programs vary in complexity and cost. Once our consultation is complete, I'll make recommendations if this is what you want to try.

I coach to the athlete, not the exercise.


Based on the consultation and questionnaire, an individual program will be developed according to four main areas of consideration.

  1. Lift Analysis 

  2. High/Low Responsiveness to Training

  3. Novelty

  4. Personality/Preference 

In this option, I walk with you, and fight together.





I didn’t begin with the noblest of intentions when I started in strength and conditioning. I was terrified that I would fall victim to the influence of my peers who seemed to have a tendency to drop out of school, doing drugs, and getting comfortable in dead-end jobs. Combine my fear of failure with my visions of grandeur and notoriety within the field, and I was heavily motivated by what other people thought of me. This strategy worked for awhile, but it wasn’t sustainable. I found myself constantly desiring more. 


My entire life revolved around work, and if I wasn’t busy, I felt like I was falling behind. It was a vicious cycle. Working 80-100 hour work weeks became the norm. I didn’t sleep much. I forsook friends and family. I always said I was going to go as hard as I could, and I wouldn’t stop until the wheels fell off.


I succeeded. I drove myself into the ground, and the wheels came off. I questioned everything I believed and everything I worked for. I felt lost and broken inside.  

This was the lowest point in my life. I felt like a complete failure and a traitor to the thousands of athletes I had coached. I had promoted certain values, but somewhere along the way, I stopped believing in what I was selling. 

I had a choice to make. Was I going to be influenced by the things that had happened and remain asleep to my potential? Or was I going to decide to build myself up again?


I chose to rise up. I chose to wake up. I chose to return from the dead.

Here I am.



"When I started with Cody, I was lost in meet prep. I was suffering from an injured shoulder, barely benching the bar, and my deadlift was stuck in a slump I couldn't crawl out of. Not to mention a pandemic that kept me out of my usual gym. 10 weeks later, I PR'd my competition squat by 50lbs, added 25lbs to my total, and reclaimed enough strength to bench over 315lbs again. Cody cares, I highly recommend him, and I'm certain we've got a long list of future PRs."


"The stoic Epictetus once wrote, "No great thing is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig, I answer that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen." Cody's process oriented training philosophy, rooted in evidence-based principles and filled with creativity, patience, and even a little humor, centers around this quote. With the knowledge of a research scientist, the experience of a top level strength coach, the ability to create innovative customized training programs seemingly indistinguishable from DaVinci with a paintbrush, and the temperance of a gardener, Cody will take your training to the next level. Human performance truly is his passion.


"What I enjoy most about working with Cody is that he goes above and beyond in his work. At Bucknell, along with the team workouts he put us through, he also brought us together as a group and taught us important lessons to help us grow and be successful together. Not one week went by without receiving an inspirational quote from him. While challenging us physically in the weight room, he also taught us about the importance of recovery, stretching, and nutrition. All of these lessons that I’ve learned from him, I continue to apply in my professional career and I’m blessed to still receive guidance from him today."

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